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The Flight from the Flames is the story of the Silver Creek Fire K30285 that took place in 1998. The majority of the images in this gallery were taken by Photojournalist James Murray who was a member of the Salmon Arm Observer team. The newspaper's Editorial Department won the coveted Webster Award for News Story of the Year.
Fire in hills. Red fire retardant being dropped from a helicopter.
Aerial view of a fire burning on a hill.
Portrait of a silver haired man standing in front of an aeroplane.
Red and white float plane lands in water. Hillside in background.
A helicopter in flight. Cable suspended from it.
Yellow plane with red and white stripe, dual propellers, Numbered 242 and Quebec on its belly.
Three men and a woman stand in front of a red truck.
Portrait of a man in yellow coveralls with a cap on head.
Aerial view of trailers, tents, and a landing pad in a field.
First Nations firefighter with a yellow backpack and wearing a blue ball cap.
Seated blonde woman with glasses looks at the camera. She is holding a paper.
13 reporters in brush, some with large cameras over their shoulders.
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