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Queen’s Medical College


Since the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine at Queen’s College in 1854, the medical school maintained a close connection with Kingston General Hospital. Not only did the medical school’s faculty form the majority of the hospital’s medical staff, but clinical medical teaching was also in place, which allowed senior medical students and new graduate doctors the opportunity to attend patients under supervision at the hospital.


Period photograph of Queen's Medical building with trees and a person on the walkway in the foreground

Medical Building – ca 1880 – Queen’s University Archives


The student curriculum contained two six-month courses in anatomy, surgery, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, obstetrics and “diseases of women and children,” as well as physiology and pathology. It also included one six-month course in clinical medicine and clinical surgery. This was followed by twelve months of training under a qualified practitioner. The cost for a complete degree was around $144.

Period photograph of 8 Queen's University medical graduates in academic robes, 1865

Queen’s School of Medicine Class of 1865 – Queen’s University Archives



Two six-month courses in each of:


Practical Anatomy



Materia Medica and Pharmacy


Obstetrics and Diseases of Women & Children

Institutes of Medicine (Physiology & Pathology)

One six-month course in each of:

Clinical Medicine

Clinical Surgery

Twelve months of training under duly qualified practitioner/hospital training


Annual entrance fee: $2.00

Courses: $12.00 for each six-month course (payment of this fee also entitles student to the use of the library)

Kingston General Hospital fee: $4.00

Lecture fee on Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgery at KGH: $6.00 for both courses

Graduation fee: $20.00

Provincial Licence to practice: $4.00