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January 1998: a meteorological depression brang about 100 mm of freezing rain in Montérégie in a few days. Hydro-Québec's network was badly affected, depriving thousands of citizens of electricity and heating, forcing schools and many businesses to close. The tree branches, weighed down by the ice, fell and blocked the streets. In the face of this disaster, the community was mobilized to provide affected citizens with resources necessary for their survival: shelters were open, food was distributed, etc. Soldiers, police, medical corps, volunteers, etc., were hard at work to help the victims. Look at this event that has marked history.
The mess of the trees is also caused by poles falling into their branches.
Journalists came to do reports on the damaged areas thanks to a helicopter.
Some roads weren't accessible due to fallen poles and wires.
The wood recieved from the inside is cut into logs, that will be distributed freely to people in need.
The citizens met at the distribution centres to get wood for free.
A streetlamp attached to a eletrical pole gaveway and broke underweight of the ice.
The wood distribution centre in Saint-Jean, seen from the air.
The shelves of bread were empty in the grocery stores during the crisis.
This citizen transported gas tins in a sled, profitting from the icy roads.
The line for this gas station on Séminaire Boulevard was a 2 hours and 30 minute wait.
The Hanger-4 of the military base became a distribution centre for needed food and clothing.
This tree was bending under the weight of the ice, Séminaire Boulevard.
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