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January 1998: a meteorological depression brang about 100 mm of freezing rain in Montérégie in a few days. Hydro-Québec's network was badly affected, depriving thousands of citizens of electricity and heating, forcing schools and many businesses to close. The tree branches, weighed down by the ice, fell and blocked the streets. In the face of this disaster, the community was mobilized to provide affected citizens with resources necessary for their survival: shelters were open, food was distributed, etc. Soldiers, police, medical corps, volunteers, etc., were hard at work to help the victims. Look at this event that has marked history.
Assembly line workers at Lacolle.
Assembly line workers were deployed in mass groups to return lights in homes.
The Mayor of Saint-Jean, Myroslaw Smereka, discussing with militants.
The roads were closed due to the wires.
People buying generators to make up for the lack of electricity.
Lacolle using trains to produce electricity.
The ice increased the weight of the branches until they eventually break.
Emergency centre installed in a school.
Beds placed in the gymnasium of the school, Des Prés-Verts to host victims of damaged households.
At the school, Des Prés-Verts, classrooms serve as dormitories during the crisis.
An electric tower fell in front of the school, Marcellin-Champagnat in Iberville.
The poles are falling like dominos.
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