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Thank to everyone, both near and far, who supported us in the realization of this project. A special thank to all those who agreed to be interviewed and who lent objects and photos:

André Caillé, André Davignon, Carmen Dupuis, Denise Leclerc Boutin, Fernand Lachance, Gilles Dolbec, Gilles Lamoureux, Jacqueline Dauphinais, Jean Lefebvre, Jean Rioux, Louise Bédard, Gilles Bérubé, Richard Hamel, Louise Cardinal, Michel Larivière, Myroslaw Smereka, Nathalye Laliberté, Diane St-Pierre, Nicole Mongeon, Normand Flageole, Normand Lefebvre, Robert Cantin, Steve Flanagan, Suzanne Duclos, Sylvain Lafrance.