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—Featuring Mr. Graham Beard, curator and amateur paleontologist at the Qualicum Beach Museum.


The Qualicum Beach Museum is located in the lovely town of A map of Vancouver Island and the surrounding area, with Qualicum Beach highlighted by an orange marker.Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.  Founded in 1984 by a group of dedicated volunteers, the museum is recognizable by its two distinctive brick and steel powerhouse buildings.  When you visit the social and natural history displays, you will learn about the storied past of this unique community on Vancouver Island.

A two-storey building built of red bricks and black metal beams, photographed on a sunny day.

Qualicum Beach Museum


You will also be amazed at the fossil discoveries and paleontological research that happens right in our backyard.  From ancient trilobites to an Ice Age Walrus, the paleontology exhibit at the Qualicum Beach Museum is a must-see. Two ammonites with white shells, held up on stands. The smaller of the two is held up in the foreground.

The collection is curated by Mr. Graham Beard, an accomplished amateur paleontologist named Citizen of the Year for Qualicum Beach in 2017.   Please read on to learn more about Vancouver Island Fossils, and the fascinating life and work of Mr. Graham Beard.

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Project manager: Lorraine Bell
Story writing: Kathy Dobinson and Frances Goodman
Translation: Flavia Sposato
Coding, wordpress, & formatting: Tasha Green
Media curation & caption writing: Frances Goodman
Paleontology expert: Graham Beard
Thank you to Netanja Waddell, Justin Parent and Cliff Craven for their assistance