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Trad Music: Still on Trend!

Traditional music remains very popular in Quebec. The Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon is the ideal place for appreciating the wide range of expressions, styles and repertoires associated with this unifying music.

Stéphane Landry

Colour photograph of Stéphane Landry playing diatonic accordion. Bruno Gendron is playing acoustic guitar in the background.

Stéphane Landry and Bruno Gendron at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 2014

Trad music has played a big part in the life of accordionist Stéphane Landry. He started out by imitating one of his uncles, learning to play accordion tunes by ear. Later, he was introduced to the traditional music repertoire while taking lessons from Gérard Lajoie. Stéphane Landry found himself drawn to this music. His influences include Marcel Messervier, Philippe Bruneau, Denis Pépin and Raynald Ouellet. Over the years, he has developed a style of his own, which has earned him opportunities to tour France as well as the United States. He also performed at Quebec City’s Festival d’été in 1996. Stéphane Landry has emerged as a worthy representative of a highly dynamic traditional music scene. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with other musicians. For instance, he gave a master class in Montmagny in 2013.

Stéphane Landry, Full Throttle – To know more

Gaston Nolet

Colour photograph of Gaston Nolet sitting on a chair while holding his diatonic accordion. Luc Lavallée is playing piano in the background.

Gaston Nolet at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 1997

Originally from Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Gaston Nolet began teaching himself to play accordion at the age of 14. Several times a week, he would walk seven kilometres to his aunt’s home, where she would lend him an instrument to play. After a few weeks, she saw just how passionate her nephew was and decided to give him her accordion. From that moment forward, his love for the instrument only grew. He began playing alongside Roland Turcotte, one of his role models. His repertoire includes tunes from Quebec, Ireland and France. He is particularly fond of music from his native Mauricie region. Over the course of his career, Gaston Nolet has recorded several albums and participated in numerous events both in Canada and abroad.

Gaston Nolet, La Valse Nicole – To know more 

Timi Turmel

Colour photograph of a smiling Timi Turmel sitting on a chair with a diatonic accordion on his knee.

Timi Turmel at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 2016

Timi Turmel is an emerging master of the single-row diatonic accordion. This young musician has entered many Quebec competitions. In both 2007 and 2008, the Association québécoise de loisirs folkloriques awarded him its Grand Prize. He performs with the folk group Mackinaw, which toured France in 2010. With an authentic and intelligent style of music shaped by his personality, Timi Turmel first played the festival as a young up-and-coming musician. He now gives professional concerts and serves as an inspiring role model whose career reflects the vitality of a diatonic accordion tradition passed down through the generations.