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Canadian Artists with Different Styles

Over the years, the festival has featured many performances that highlight the wealth of talent and the diversity of musical styles among Canadian artists.

Gordon Fleming

Black and white photograph, Gordon Fleming sitting on a stool with his piano accordion, surrounded by musicians who accompany him.

Gordon Fleming at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 1990

Originally from Winnipeg, Gordon Fleming made an unforgettable contribution to the festival. He began his career playing vaudeville tunes, before falling in love with jazz. He also played country music. Over the years, he had the opportunity to play alongside such big names as Jesse Winchester, Cat Stevens and Jean Carignan. He composed songs for film and television, in addition to playing various jazz clubs and the Montreal International Jazz Festival. He placed first in the Canadian Jazz Poll for six years in a row and played accordion on Les Joyeux Troubadours, a show broadcast on the Radio-Canada network.

Gordon Fleming, CaravanTo know more 

Denis Pépin

Colour photograph of Denis Pépin sitting on a chair while he plays the diatonic accordion.

Denis Pépin at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 2014

Traditional accordionist Debis Pépin is among the most accomplished Quebec artists to have taken the stage at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon. Playing a diatonic accordion with one, two or three rows of buttons, he captivates audiences with traditional tunes from eastern Canada, Ireland and Scotland. In addition to being an award-winning accordionist, he is also an accomplished pianist. He has played alongside Jean Carignan, Philippe Bruneau and Gabriel Labbé—all of whom are undisputed masters of traditional Quebec music.

Denis Pépin, La Famille SoucyTo know more

Len Wallace

Colour photograph of Len Wallace on an outdoor stage, sitting on a chair while playing his piano accordion.

Len Wallace at the Carrefour mondial de l’accordéon in 2007

Hailing from Ontario, Len Wallace has participated in the festival on a number of occasions. Originally trained in classical music, he soon fell under the spell of folk and world music. He created his own unique style by blending Irish, Scottish, Slavic, Ukrainian and Balkan influences. Len Wallace is a highly community-minded artist who supports labour struggles as well as political parties committed to workers’ rights. This commitment is often reflected in his compositions. He is also a founding member of the Windsor Folk Music & Arts Society.

Len Wallace, Celto-Slavic Fusion III : James Connoly’s Dream, Factory Lassies of Minsk, Skin of the Potato To know more