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Collection of pictures and video clips illustrating the history of the LePailleur family through the years. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more, or to play the video clip.
Painting by artist Stéphane Poirier representing the Maison Gravel. The image is in black and white and the building is surrounded by trees and shrubs.
Black and white picture of the Maison Gravel. The Chateauguay River is in the foreground and several trees line the banks.
Black and white picture of the Maison LePailleur in winter, a traditional Quebec house built of stone with a pitched roof and three dormers.
Color picture of the Maison LePailleur taken in winter. The balcony is blue with a white railing. There are two large conifers in the foreground.
Pale sepia picture of Celina-Elmire around the age of 20.
Montage of the front and back of a postcard. At the top is a picture of the family of Narcisse-Alfred LePailleur. In the center, at the front, Alfred LePailleur is sitting in his priest's clothes. At the bottom, there is a text written by Alfred LePailleur to his grandparents.
Montage with a picture of Sister Sainte-Anne née Odile LePailleur in her religious clothing. She is sitting in a studio setting, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary at her side. There is a newspaper clipping reporting her death.
Montage of 3 pictures. On the left is the portrait of Philomène Dalton, in the center, that of Célina-Elmire LePailleur and on the right, that of Aimée Descarries. A blue border with flower motifs frames the whole. Their names and their years of birth and death are at the bottom.
Newspaper clipping reporting the death of notary Alfred-Narcisse LePailleur.
Montage of a black and white picture of Sister Agnès LePailleur and her death notice published in the newspaper.
Montage of the front and back of a tintype. On the front, there is an oval picture of a baby lying on his back with his eyes closed. On the back, there are handwritings in black ink.
Map of New France in sepia color. There is a compass rose to indicate the cardinal points.
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