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Collection of pictures and video clips illustrating the history of the LePailleur family through the years. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more, or to play the video clip.
Black and white photo of the convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame. Convent girls are in front of the low wall separating the convent from the parish enclosure, on the left.
Auguste Descarries' signature.
Sepia picture of nuns Marie-Philomène and Marie-Louise. Behind them are Alfred-Narcisse LePailleur, Bishop Georges-Marie (in the priest's habit) and Philomène Dalton.
Blue cover of the book Journal d'un patriote exilé en Autralie (English title: Land of a thousand sorrows) written by François-Maurice LePailleur between 1839 and 1845.
Black and white picture of Bishop Alfred LePailleur. He is seated in an armchair in the setting of a photo studio.
Newspaper clipping. This is the advertisement for the opera l'Intendant Bigot and the black and white picture of Marie-Rose Descarries.
Extract from a newspaper announcing a show by Marie-Rose and Auguste Descarries.
Family picture in sepia color. In the background are Théophile, Célina-Elmire, Joseph-Adélard senior and Joseph-Albert. In front, the 4 children are sitting. They are Aimée, Auguste, Marie-Rose and Joseph-Adélard Junior.
Black and white picture of Emma LePailleur sitting in a rattan armchair and Joseph Belisle standing next to her. Behind them, a painted decoration suggests Greek columns.
Handwritten music score entitled Esquisse sur Vive la Canadienne and signed Auguste Descarries 8/12/36.
Black and white picture of Auguste Descarries at the piano; he looks thoughtfully at the keyboard with one hand on his forehead and the other on the keyboard.
Montage of the cover of a booklet on which there is a picture of Bishop Alfred LePailleur, as well as a geographical map of Bengal in the 1920s.
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