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Maison LePailleur – Museum and historical site would like to thank its partners and collaborators for their support in the realization of this project.


Project manager: Nathalie Tremblay

Research and content review: Martin Michaud, Nathalie Tremblay, Vicky Laprade, Sabrina Gaudreault-Drouin, Association pour la  diffusion de la musique d’Auguste Descarries (ADMAD) ainsi que Francine Descarries

Writing: Nathalie Tremblay

Translation and text review (English and French): Lucie De Stephano, Bla bla rédaction ,Services linguistiques Artemis

Content integration and layout: Nathalie Tremblay

Videos: Productions du 3 juin inc., Martin Michaud, Vicky Laprade ainsi que Sabrina Gaudreault-Drouin


We would also like to thank François Lefebvre and his wife Rachel Nolet for the numerous pictures of the LePailleur family that are now part of the museum’s collection.

as well as:

Archives de la Ville de Montréal, Association pour la diffusion de la musique d’Auguste Descarries (ADMAD), Paul Deacon, Roger Winkler, Archives Nationales du Québec, Deke Richards as well as Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) for the loan of images that enhance the content of our exhibition.