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Collection of pictures and video clips illustrating the history of the LePailleur family through the years. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more, or to play the video clip.
Painting representing the king of France Louis XIV. He is standing in armor in front of a battle scene. He has one hand on his hip and the other is holding a weapon.
LePailleur coat of arms. The top of the shield is blue with yellow fleurs-de-lis and the bottom is red with a white sailboat.
Pale sepia picture of Georges-Marie LePailleur when he was a priest. He wears a short beard and a Roman collar.
Sepia picture of Alfred-Narcisse LePailleur in his sixties. His long white beard splits.
Tintype of young Alfred-Narcisse LePailleur. He is standing in a studio setting. His hand is on a column on which is a book.
Black and white picture of a silo several stories high and a long stone building with a tall chimney as part of the Dawes Brewery facility alongside residential homes.
Digital color picture representing the notary's office in the Maison LePailleur.
Black and white picture of a group of people sitting in two cars from the 1920s. In the group are Théophile and Célina-Elmire LePailleur, Joseph-Adélard Descarries and Philomène Dalton. Five people are standing on the ground or on the cars steps.
Picture of a stone monument dedicated to the patriots. It is surrounded by leafless trees.
Black and white picture of a large group gathered around a table outside. There is a stretch of water in the back. Bishop Georges-Marie and his brother Armand are in front of the group with 2 other men.
Montage of the book Land of a thousand sorrows and an image of its author François-Maurice LePailleur.
Color picture of the façade of the Maison LePailleur in summer. The image has a canvas texture.
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