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Collection of pictures and video clips illustrating the history of the LePailleur family through the years. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more, or to play the video clip.
Photograph of the vegetable garden located at the back of the Maison LePailleur. It is covered with snow.
Screenshot of the page on Catherine Jérémie in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
Black and white engraving representing the intendant Gilles Hocquart.
Excerpt from the newspaper Le Progrès de Valleyfield of December 9, 1881 where the elections are mentioned.
Black and white inset picture of Philomène Dalton around the age of 20.
Greenish page of a notarized document written by Joseph-Narcisse Cardinal. There are several stains on the documentand the ink is brownish.
Black and white picture of widow Josephte Daigneault (wife of notary F-G LePailleur) in a black dress and white cap. She holds a small album in her left hand.
Sepia picture of Philomène Dalton on the stoop of the family house with her son, the priest Georges-Marie LePailleur. There is a part of a fence and a small staircase in the foreground but the rest of the landscape is rather empty.
Black and white picture of Theophile LePailleur sitting at a work desk. His wife is behind him holding a child. Another child is standing next to them. They are in a studio setting.
Montage of 4 quotes from the book Land of a thousand sorrows by F-M LePailleur.
Picture montage showing the monument in honor of the Chateauguay patriots in front of the Maison LePailleur and historical re-enactors performing ceremonial shootings during the National Patriots' Day commemorations.
Photographic montage of several activities carried out at the Maison LePailleur.
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