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Collection of pictures and video clips illustrating the history of the LePailleur family through the years. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more, or to play the video clip.
Montage of 3 black and white pictures of the three founders of LePailleur et Frères: Joseph-Wilfrid, Narcisse-Alfred and Armand.
Black and white picture of a group of about 50 people in front of a church. 8 religious are in the foreground, including Bishop Georges-Marie and Sister Agnès.
Black and white picture of the LePailleur et Frères business. There is snow on the road.
Excerpt from a black and white newspaper. It is a montage with 15 inset photos of men and women in religious orders and, in the upper corners, pictures of Alfred-Narcisse and his wife Philomène.
Black and white picture of Sister Marie-Louise LePailleur, in the habit of a Sisters of Providence with a nurse's apron holding her nursing diploma.
Black and white picture of Bishop Georges-Marie in his soutane and Sister Agnes in her religious habit posing side by side.
Black and white picture. These are 11 members of the LePailleur family sitting at the table. We can see Georges-Marie, Sister Agnès, Alfred-Narcisse, Philomène, Célina-Elmire and Joseph-Adélard.
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