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Welcome to the gallery of the Giants of Lindsay: William and J. D. Flavelle. These images tell the story of William and J.D. in Lindsay.
Brick building atop a hill with a dirt driveway leading to it.
Map of Ontario with black dots representing cities located throughout Eastern, Southwestern, and Northern Ontario where Canadian Department Stores opened their operations.
Paper with black and coloured text in ink in stylized calligraphy.
Old man with white hair from five different angles.
Political cartoon.
Black and white photo circa 1902 Flavelle family of 24 posing in front of J. R. Dundas’ cottage.
Two women and two men holding golf clubs in front of a log cabin.
Two men sitting on chair by a tennis net.
Adults and children outside of a two storey frame cottage.
View of two cottages with trees in the foreground.
Three men standing on front steps wearing overcoats during winter.
Printed pamphlet with an illustration on the front cover.
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