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Welcome to the gallery of the Giants of Lindsay: William and J. D. Flavelle. These images tell the story of William and J.D. in Lindsay.
Front facade of stone church building.
Brick building with a fence and trees lining the entrance.
Man with glasses standing behind a microphone about to lay a stone in a brick building
Brick building with a tall smoke stack at the rear of the building with cut wood at the front.
Black and white photograph of an elderly man wearing a black suit and is balding.
Metal sign painted black with Ship Your Cream To Lindsay Creamery Ltd. LINDSAY painted in bold yellow print.
Studio photograph of a young man with combed hair and a moustache wearing a black suit.
Group of young men and women dressed in white dresses and black suits in a boat on water.
Group of military personnel standing in front of an entrance to a building.
Men, women, and children dressed in dresses and black suits.
Nine children standing on grass beside each other wearing their bathing suits.
Woman with grey hair wearing a black dress with a book in her hand.
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