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Family Legacy

Woman wearing glasses with grey hair in a black lace dress and a fox pelt around her neck sitting in a chair.

Mary Flavelle. ca. 1920s.

William and J. D. led fulfilling and successful private and public lives; one that was heavily supported by their families. Without the support of their wives, Minnie and Mary, who kept house and raised the children while William and J. D. were traveling abroad for work, the brothers would not have succeeded in the ways that they did. When coming of age, William’s children, Aird, Stuart, and Gordon, helped manage and run the cold storage business after their father suffered a nervous break down in 1918. All children stepped up during The First World War and served their country in the ways that they could.

Woman with grey hair wearing a black dress with a book in her hand.

Mary “Minnie” Flavelle. ca. 1920s.

The close family bond that Dorothea passed down to J. D. and William continued forward through the generations within this family and the success and growth of Lindsay can no doubt be attributed to all of them.

Walking throughout Lindsay today, one can still see the built history of the Flavelle brothers and their families legacy.

Nine children standing on grass beside each other wearing their bathing suits.

Flavelle children at Sturgeon Point before a swim. ca. 1901.

Men, women, and children dressed in dresses and black suits.

J. D. Flavelle’s extended family at the 50th wedding anniversary of J. D. and Minnie. 1923.

Group of military personnel standing in front of an entrance to a building.

Gordon Flavelle at the A.S.C. Permanent School of Instruction. May, 1916.

Group of young men and women dressed in white dresses and black suits in a boat on water.

Jean and Helen Flavelle on a boat with friends. ca. 1920s.