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Explore the historical roots of oppression, and learn about ways in which citizens of African descent have responded with determination and perseverance:
Black and white archival photo showing a railway engine equipped with the Temple & Miller flange, two men wearing suits and top hats stand to the right.
List of 35 Black family names from 1871.
Black and white patent diagram of a pair of scrapers that attach to the cowcatcher on a locomotive.
Yellowed book cover titled The Mysterious Stranger with a 1814 newspaper clipping.
Newspaper clipping with image of 5 Black men, three seated in wooden chairs and two standing.
Colour photograph of two women standing in front an old house.
Photograph of a natural spring of water flowing into a small stone tub.
Colour photograph of graves in Alexander Gibson Memorial Cemetery with green grass and headstones.
Colourised photograph of Mary Matilda Winslow, prettily dressed in a mauve dress.
Colourised photograph of three well-dressed persons of colour. Mary Matilda Winslow is seated on the left, with her father standing behind her, and her mother seated on the right.
Head and shoulders photograph of Mary Matilda Winslow in her graduation gown.
Coloured head and shoulders illustration on old water-stained paper of a Black woman wearing a red shawl and white cap with red band around it.
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