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Explore the historical roots of oppression, and learn about ways in which citizens of African descent have responded with determination and perseverance:
Gold locket with a painting of a woman with brown hair wearing a blue dress.
Colour photograph of the backside of a house identified as Odell House Slave Quarters.
Newspaper clipping announcing the death of William Francis.
Drawing of a harbour with trees and small houses on the land and ships in the port. Writing on the drawing that says Sierra Leone.
Handwritten declaration on yellowed paper on behalf of the free Blacks of the Province of New Brunswick..
Painting of Black woman with a ship in her windswept hair.
Coloured portrait in a gold frame of a white man wearing a red military tunic identified as Lt.Col Isaac Allen.
Anne Allen's handwritten will on yellowed paper.
Black and white photo of two young Black girls and one Black boy wearing white.
Colour photograph showing the exterior of St Peter's Anglican Church with the graveyard to right in.
Colour photograph of a log cabin quilt, made by one of George Leek's descendants.
Coloured photograph of Dan Leek seated with a river in the background.
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