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Explore the historical roots of oppression, and learn about ways in which citizens of African descent have responded with determination and perseverance:
Coloured photograph of Dan Leek seated with a river in the background.
Coloured photograph of Dr. Mary McCarthy-Brandt seated with a green lawn in the background, wearing a blue dress and white head wrap.
Colour photo of a cemetery with green grass and several old headstones with trees in the background.
Colour photograph of a stained-glass window in St. Peter's Church.
Coloured photograph of Lenisha Dymond seated at a table, there is a vase with red flowers on the table.
Black and white archival photo of a family of 10 including adults and children standing in front of a porch.
1785 hand written page listing the names of the Guides and Pioneers. Solomon Kendall is listed as having a wife and one child under the age of ten.
A 1878 map with names written showing the location of homes.
Black and white archival photo of a farm house sitting atop a hill, logs are piles to the left midway down the hill.
Recent colour photo of Jennifer Dow standing in front of a barn door with a horseshoe hanging from it.
Tin photo circa 1900 depicting Solomon Kendall 2nd alongside one Black man and white man in a horse drawn carriage.
Black and white archival photo showing a railway engine equipped with the Temple & Miller flange, two men wearing suits and top hats stand to the right.
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