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Explore the historical roots of oppression, and learn about ways in which citizens of African descent have responded with determination and perseverance:
Coloured logo image for Our Black Heritage with a quilt design and image of a tree with roots.
Black and white logo on left, colour photograph of a brick building on the right with a monument that has the dates 1813-2013 on it.
Colour photograph of the 104th foot regiment monument at the entrance to Officer's Square in Fredericton. In the background can be seen green grass and park buildings.
Illustrated map, showing the route the 104th Regiment of Foot followed in marching from Fredericton New Brunswick to Kingston Ontario in 1813. There is an illustration of soldiers in winter building a hut.
Colour drawing of a Black soldier wearing an 1812 British military uniform with a foot perched on a log. He is holding a circular water container and there is an axe with a military hat leaning on the log.
1890's black and white photograph of a log jam, showing logs daming the river, with men standing on the logs ready to clear the jam.
Colour photograph of graves in Alexander Gibson Memorial Cemetery with green grass and headstones.
Black and white book cover named the complete fortune teller and dream book with a drawing of a bird with items in it's talons.
Painting of Black woman with a ship in her windswept hair.
Handwritten list of names on yellowed paper titled Inspection Roll of Negroes.
Handwritten letter dated 1783. Identified as being to Col. Winslow from Col. Allen.
Handwritten letter in cursive on yellowed paper dated 1783.
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