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We invite you to explore the photographs and interviews that help to tell the story of the Almonte Train Wreck.
Photograph of the troop train in the aftermath of the Almonte Train Wreck down the track away from Almonte, with men standing in the snow around the engine, 1942
Drawn image of the front facade of the Doctor’s House in Almonte, 1960s
Colour photograph of Marion Jamieson, and older woman in a grey jacket at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton, ON, 2013
Newspaper clipping of an advertisement for the O'Brien Theatre from the Almonte Gazette on December 31, 1942
Black and white drawn diagram of the path taken by the troop train and the Ottawa Valley Local from Arnprior to Almonte on December 27, 1942
Historic photograph of the Ottawa Valley Local train departing the Almonte train station, 1940s
Historic photograph of the Ashton train station with four men on the track, 1940s
The wrecked Ottawa Valley Local train in Almonte in the aftermath of the train wreck with people standing around it, 1942
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