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We invite you to explore the photographs and interviews that help to tell the story of the Almonte Train Wreck.
Photograph of Almonte train station with a train on the far track, men standing on the platform, and a man riding a bike next to the platform, c.1930s
Colour tinted photograph of the train track bridge passing through Almonte looking towards the Town Hall
Black and white photographic postcard of the Almonte train station taken across the tracks, 1950s
Photograph of the clean-up process in the aftermath of the train wreck in Almonte, 1942. There is a crane in the background, and men standing in the wreckage.
Colour photograph of Douglas Snair in his home, 2017. He is standing on a balcony with housing and a body of water in the background.
Photograph of the wrecked third coach of the Ottawa Valley Local in Almonte with people walking through town, 1942
A photograph of the two granite stones for the Almonte Train Wreck memorial, with four wreaths laid across the centre of them, 2000
Black and white photograph of the debris from the Almonte Train Wreck with people standing behind it, 1942
Newspaper clipping about the death of John Howard from the Almonte Gazette, January 8, 1943
Period photograph of Mac Crozier and seven of his co-workers at De Havillands Ltd, 1942
Photograph of Cecile Turcotte sitting up on a bed smiling with a nurse at her side at the Ottawa Civic Hospital after the Almonte Train Wreck, 1943
Wedding photograph of Mac & Nora Crozier standing outside a house in Toronto, 1943
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