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We invite you to explore the photographs and interviews that help to tell the story of the Almonte Train Wreck.
Photograph of a small boy , Bernard Turcotte in a hospital cot, sitting up and smiling for the camera at the Ottawa Civic Hospital after the Almonte Train Wreck, 1943
Wedding portrait of Kathleen Coxford and husband Cyril McCallum Thomson, 1943
Photograph of Nora Pennett posing in a fur coat and clutching her purse in Toronto, 1942
Black and white photographic postcard of the train station in Arnprior, 1950s
The four members of the Turcotte family sitting for a portrait, 1946
Photograph of infant Denyse Turcotte in a chair, 1942
Colour photograph of siblings Pat & Gerard Green at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton, ON, 2013.
Photograph of the writing on one half of the stone memorial commemorating the Almonte Train Wreck, 2000
Photograph of the wreckage from the train wreck in Almonte with a crane in the background being used for the clean-up, and people walking through town, 1942
Colour photograph of Robert Barclay, an older man in a plaid shirt at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton, ON, 2014
Black and white photograph of the Rosamond Woollen Mill factory complex in Almonte on the Mississippi River, 1950s
Photograph of a train travelling on a track with Almonte town hall in the background, 1950s
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