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Images and Video Interviews sharing the tragic story of Ste. Marie II from multiple perspectives.
Map of Huronia with Christian Island, labelled as Gahoendoe highlighed in blue.
Black and White image of commemorative plaque affixed to a boulder with stone building foundations in the background
Handdrawn map showing Charity site in relation to Christian Island with a zoomed in bubble showing a map of the excavation
Drawing of Obverse and Reverse coin featuring King Louis VIII in profile on obverse and three fleur de lis on reverse.
Jesuit L-Heart ring shown as an image then below as a MicroCT scan in hues of white/grey
Grayscale photograph of iron axe with charred handle, before removal
One long dark blue tube bead with three circular light blue beads. Five reddish circular beads with black interiors.
Book cover reads The Orenda, Joseph Boyden alternated bold red and black lettering on a beige and dark brown patterned birchbark tree bark background intermittent with beige colour leaves .
Video Title Clarifying Indigenous Populations of Wendake (Huronia)
Black and White Title The Decision to Leave Christian Island
Black background with white lettering reads 'The 1965 Excavation Discoveries.'
Black and White Video Title: Early Wendake (Huronia)
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