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Images and Video Interviews sharing the tragic story of Ste. Marie II from multiple perspectives.
Colour google map of Southern Ontario with Ste Marie II and Toronto outlined in white letters.
Four views of a 3d scanned pottery fragment showing all sides of the piece.
Title for video of the 1967-1968 and 1975 excavations
Three still images showing multiple views of a reddish metal sledge head digitally rendered
Two image stills showing alternate views of a reconstructed pottery rim on a plain white background.
Three darkish image stills of a 3-d video showing multiple sides of the Jesuit Ring
White Letters on Black background titled 'The Establishment of Ste. Marie II'
Book cover featuring a man carrying a canoe up a hill along a body of water, colour. Title Dispersed but not Destroyed by Kathryn Magee Labelle
Greyscale image of tree roots still in the soil.
Large pottery fragment held in a persons hand with a small pit in the background and screen in the foreground
Image of two students excavating near the Fort walls. The topsoil has been removed in the area they are excavating and they are about 10cm below ground level.
Image of low cobble walls arranged in an L shape on a grassy field with the lake behind.
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