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Images and Video Interviews sharing the tragic story of Ste. Marie II from multiple perspectives.
Black and white etching of Samuel de Champlain in an oval shaped medaliion. In the background a coastal scene with a fort, houses and a sailboat
Scanned News article detailing excavations at Ste. Marie I. It has two images of the fort.
Three rusty handmade nails of varying sizes. Each have square shaped heads.
Sepia toned hand drawn map detailing the various nations that settled the great lakes area in 1657. Also includes renditions of this population in the top left corner with two people seated looking at one another.
Black and White photo of Bell top and fragment of the base. Decorated in it's entirety with various line and geometric patterns.
Greenish and rusty metal plate with some breakage at the base.
Black fragment of the top part of a shoe, lace up. 5 holes on large curved fragment and 4 holes on the smaller fragment.
Triangular copper point with a crude square hole punched through it's middle.
Colour image of European Astrolabe. Circular, missing middle fragment.
Colour photograph of a rectangular rusty metal sledgehammer head. There is a circular hole through its middle
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