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Images and Video Interviews sharing the tragic story of Ste. Marie II from multiple perspectives.
Partially reconstructed rim sherd, reddish brown, with 5 knobs in a row underneath a wide row of diagonal lines.
Reddish Brown pipe bowl with wide top of the bowl
Seven rusted iron objects ranging in shape and size found during excavations including one dagger.
Rusty Iron hook with a circular attachment
Six small pieces of carbonized corn kernel, brownish black in colour
Three blue glass fragments on white background. Translucent with black swirling lines.
Colour photo of a body of water at sunset, sky displays yellow, orange, and purple hues, the water appears purplish.
Sepia photograph of a complete glass container featuring a long narrow neck connecting to a wide body, slightly narrowing again at the base
Computerized drawing of early excavations of the Fort at Ste. Marie I. Shows an almost complete outline of the fort and associated features.
Drawing of Feature 1. Significant cultural and soil deposits differentiated by different shading techniques.
Black and White drawing of a single trench. Noted are the four major feautres found in 1965.
An early map that depicts Ste Marie I Fortifications as known at the turn of the 20th century. The fort is rectangular with towers at its four corners, it is protected in one end by the river and on the other end by fortification towers.
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