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Canadian Malartic Mine: Pit Extension Project

Revisiting Former Deposits

Following governmental authorizations received in April 2017, the Canadian Malartic Mine will carry out the work to extend the actual pit, which will prolong the life of the mine by exploiting new zones. The Malartic Extension Project necessitates the relocation of part of Highway 117.

This project will make it possible to extend the mine’s operations by six years. This will ensure nearly 1,400 jobs until 2028, while creating at least 160 new jobs required for the Highway 117 work. The objective is to resume the gold extraction in the area of the former underground mines: Canadian Malartic Gold Mines Limited and Barnat Mines Limited. These two deposits, named Barnat and Jeffrey, are east of the current pit.

To exploit these sites, it will be necessary to move Highway 117. The population of Malartic was more favorable to a modification of the current highway than a new road skirting the city. Moving the highway will require an investment of 53 million dollars, which will be entirely paid by Canadian Malartic Mine. The affected road section is four kilometers long. The new route will be 365 meters longer than before. The whole Malartic Extension Project involves investments of more than 200 million dollars for the mining company.

B.A.P.E and Government Approvals

A study on the environmental impacts of the new work was presented by Canadian Malartic Mine in February 2015. During summer 2016, hearings were held by the Bureau d’audiences publiques en environnement (BAPE). The Quebec Government publicly announced authorization of the Malartic Extension Project on April 19th, 2017. Work on Highway 117 began in the summer 2017 and should continue until 2019. The beginning of new mining operations in the new sector is planned for 2020.