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First Gold Rush: Cultural Diversity

In 1937, nearly 400 men were employed at the Canadian Malartic, Sladen, and East Malartic mines. Employees doubled during the following year.

According to 1941 statistics, almost 600 of the 2895 Malartic citizens were European immigrants. They were called Fros (foreigners) and their mining experience was invaluable. Ethnocultural groups in the city were comprised of French Canadians, Irish, English, Scottish, Italians, Polish, Russians, Hungarians, Chinese and Yugoslavs.

Picture of a group of miners from the East Malartic Mine in 1939

Miners from East Malartic Mine in 1939.


East Malartic workers in 1950

Miners from East Malartic Mine in 1950.

In 1950, Malartic became the 3rd largest urban centre in the region. According to  the 1951 federal census, the total population of Malartic was 5,983.