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Gold Rush: Stories of Big Mines and a Little Town Named Malartic

This exhibition presents, both objectively and chronologically, events that occurred in the municipality of Malartic since nearly 80 years. It tells stories about the construction and the development of this small mining municipality, stories about a town that still has its boomtown vibe.

The stories present the most transformational events of the town: the first gold rush and the vibrant economic and cultural changes that followed, the controversial history of the “illegal” village of Roc-d’Or, a tragic mining accident – the most deadly in the history of the Province of Québec, the town’s efforts to counter a period of sharp economic downturn and, finally, the new millennium, which marked the beginning of a second gold rush of unparalleled proportion with the creation of the largest open pit mine in Canada: Canadian Malartic Mine.

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Musée minéralogique de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue.