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Browse the gallery below for all the images and audio related to the stories of Hamilton's Nine Hour League. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the audio clip.
The entrance to a two-storey building. The door is framed by two pillars on each side and carved in the top of the portico entrance is the Latin Victoria Regina
Small shops line one street over looking Gore Park, while horse drawn carriages drive down the cross-street.
A page of text and illustration from the Boys Book of Trades that highlights several types of ironfounder tools.
A printed advertisement for F.G. Beckett's steam engine, which highlights that the stationary and portable steam engines took First Prize at the provincial exhibitions. The advertisement includes an illustration of the product.
A photograph of John McPherson's four-storey factory, which occupies almost a full city block.
A wall mounted wooden cabinet clock that includes slots for tickets and a punch leaver. The lever must be shifted to record the time on the punch slips – the lever rests in the upright position.
A printed advertisement for F.G. Beckett & Co. Steam Engines and Boilers featuring a drawing with new information on their improved portable steam engines
A black and white illustration of four workers stoking the fires of the steam forge drop hammer, while three workers look on. The workers are featured in the foreground of the image with an industrial shop floor as the background.
An illustrated map shows part of the city of Hamilton in the mid-1800s. Illustrated houses and other structures fill the map leading to a sloped hill on the right side of the image. A three-storey building at the North-East corner of Bay and Sheaffe Streets is identified as Mrs. Wheeler’s Boarding House.
A multi-coloured insurance map of Old Market Square. The image provides basic blueprints for dozens of structures on the perimeter of the square. In text, the map highlights the location of the Shakespeare Hotel in the south-west corner of Old Market Square.
An illustration of James Ryan addressing a crowd in Old Market Square. Ryan is in profile as he faces a crowd of onlookers in the centre of the market. Around the edges of the illustration are temporary outdoor market stalls and permanent commercial buildings.
A cropped version of the cover of the Canadian Illustrated News from June 8 1872 depicts the parade of workers on May 15th 1872. There are dozens of spectators watching from the sidewalks as the parade of workers carry large banners and flags through the centre of the street.
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