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Browse the gallery below for all the images and audio related to the stories of Hamilton's Nine Hour League. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the audio clip.
Front page of the newspaper, Ontario Workman, announcing a grand demonstration by the Nine Hours Movement.
A photo of the International Typographical Union Charter from 1872. The signed paper charter uses historic calligraphy and has been preserved with glass and a wooden frame.
A printed newspaper notice for the C.L.U. Workingmen's Meeting
A printed advertisement for Dan Black's Club House that highlights the Club House as having the best of “wines, liquors and cigars on hand”
An advertisement taken out in the Hamilton Spectator by merchants who opposed the league. The segment of the list is dozens of names long, including the E & C. Gurney Foundry.
A three-storey palace with a domed tower in the centre. The palace is dominated by dozens of glass windows that cover most of the walls all the way around. The building is surrounded by grass and park land.
The Great Western Railway Yards and Station in which train cars lined up to one side of the station are visible. There are also piles of lumber and other materials lining the tracks. Two workers are visible in the foreground.
A sepia-coloured portrait of H. B. Witton taken later in his life. He is formally dressed with a trim, white beard. The portrait is taken in profile.
A printed advertisement from R.M. Wanzer & Co. highlighting their new family shuttle sewing machine. The ad includes information on how to place your order and an illustration of the new product.
An illustration of R. M. Wanzer's three-storey factory with two four-storey buildings at each end. It takes up an entire city block and there is a flag at the front of the building and a tall chimney in the centre. People walk in front of the building and horse-drawn carriages drive past.
An illustration of James Ryan addressing a crowd in Old Market Square. Ryan is in profile as he faces a crowd of onlookers in the centre of the market. Around the edges of the illustration are temporary outdoor market stalls and permanent commercial buildings.
Young women and children working on the shop floor of Tuckett and Billings Tobacco Manufactory. The women are dressed in 19th century uniforms, with many wearing white work aprons. Rolls of tobacco sit in front of them and one young woman looks directly at the camera.
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