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Moving to Wemindji

Three white wooden buildings amongst spruces on snowy riverbank.

Wemindji ca 1963.


In the summer of 1959, we moved north from Old Factory, the post at the mouth of the Old Factory River, to this place, now known as Wemindji. Many people made that journey up the coast by canoe. This new site was well suited to our growing population. Supply boats could land here and there was plenty of firewood and fresh water.

This video tells the story of our move up the coast:

Watch this video about moving to Wemindji with transcript here (closed captions available in EN and FR)

Spruce trees surround teepees and people in a meadow on an island.

Old Factory Gathering 2016.


Every year we go back to the islands in July to celebrate our history and remember what life was like when we lived at Old Factory.  Some years we re-enact the move itself to celebrate the people who made the move and Wemindji’s birthday.

Three people paddling a boat towards children on shore

Re-enactment of the move to Wemindji in 2009.