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Jeremy’s Story: Canoe Expedition 2017

Man in blue checked flannel shirt and jeans sitting in sun on a big rock

Jeremy taking a break on the Old Factory River, July 2017.


Jeremy Matches joined the July 2017 Canoe Expedition down the Old Factory River with 25 other people. At the end of the 124 km trip, he had these six words to say:

Can’t wait until the next year!

Group of smiling men and women holding canoe paddles.

Members of the 2018 Youth Expedition upon arrival at Old Factory Bay.


This video was assembled from Jeremy Matches’ photos of the trip and video footage taken by Anthony Georgekish.  It moves at the pace of fast water through rapids, to capture the excitement of paddling rough water, the satisfaction of learning on the land, and the camaraderie that comes with meeting  challenges together.

View the Old Factory River Trip video with a transcript

Map with red and blue lines marking travel routes.

Route of the 2017 canoe trip shown with a pale blue line. Roads are shown in red.