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Discover the history of the oldest arena in Montréal, the Verdun Auditorium, by clicking on the images, videos and audio bands.
Black-and-white photo showing 14 boys in hockey uniforms, half of whom are kneeling on an ice rink with the other half standing behind them. A man is standing on each side of the boys.
Black-and-white photo of a military gathering inside a building. A number of United Kingdom flags can be seen flying over the skating rink and a large crowd is in the stands.
Black-and-white photo of a man posing in a military uniform.
Advertisement on which various information can be read about an event, such as the date, location, admission, etc.
Black-and-white photo showing a collection spot located next to a building in the distance. About ten men are seen searching through this depot.
Black-and-white photo showing four servicemen in uniform and one civilian. Three soldiers are holding documents and one is giving a military salute.
Black-and-white portrait of a woman wearing a hat.
Black-and-white photo of a man posing in a military uniform.
Colour photo showing a close-up of indoor bleachers. The light-brown seating is in the form of two-person benches separated by a black metal armrest. The backs of the seats are numbered 1 to 20.
Colour photo showing two buildings: one with a black metal front and the other, orange. Auditorium is marked on the black front, and Annexe on the orange building.
Colour photo showing a red-brick building with the name of the building (Aréna Jacques-Plante) marked on the main entrance.
Black-and-white photo of the inside of an arena, where we see a skating rink surrounded by empty stands, as well as hockey nets at each end of the ice surface with flags flying overhead.
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