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Discover the history of the oldest arena in Montréal, the Verdun Auditorium, by clicking on the images, videos and audio bands.
Colour photo of a pass on which appear the word Temporaire, a date, the logo for the event and two logos of production companies.
Colour photo featuring an admission ticket for an event, on which the location, date and time are marked, among other details.
Colour photo showing a big blue podium where one person is standing. Around that podium are people holding signs and movie cameras.
Colour photo showing a long red bench with several white vertical partitions on top. Each compartment also has a small red locker on top.
Colour photo showing, in front, a skating rink and its boards, on which several company names and logos are marked. In the middle are a number of rows of blue-coloured seating, surrounded by brown and yellow stands.
Colour photo showing a crowd of people in the stands holding Québec flags and placards.
Colour photo showing a crowd of people in the stands, holding Canadian flags and placards.
Colour photo showing a woman behind a podium. Four people, two men and two women, are standing behind her.
Colour photo showing several rows of empty seats, turned toward a blue screen marked “Leadership 2013”.
Colour advertisement featuring a man on a motorcycle coming out of the mouth of a human skull. The top of the advertisement is marked Show Harley and on the bottom are the date and location of the event.
Colour photo of a show ticket on which the location, date, time and admission price are marked, among other details.
Black-and-white photo of a show’ advertisement. The details of the show and the face of the main performer are featured on the ad.
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