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Discover the history of the oldest arena in Montréal, the Verdun Auditorium, by clicking on the images, videos and audio bands.
Colour photo of a man wearing orange shorts and a white sweater, holding a lit torch over a receptacle. A crowd can be seen in the background.
Colour photo showing 16 women in figure skating costumes, performing synchronized movements on an ice rink.
Black-and-white photo showing two men fighting in a boxing arena. A large crowd is cheering on the two athletes.
Colour photo showing two men fighting in an arena. The wrestler in the forefront is wearing a white singlet with blue fleurs de lys and kneepads.
Advertisement in a newspaper, listing wrestling matches presented at the Verdun Auditorium on Wednesday, March 27, 1940, at 8:30 p.m., along with the wrestlers' names, the wrestling time, the location and the admission charge.
Colour photo of three people: a woman and two men. They hold a hockey sweater with the name Savard, and the number 18 marked on it.
Black-and-white photomontage showing three young boys wearing the same hockey uniform and holding a hockey stick. One of the boys is wearing the letter C on his sweater, while another sports the letter A.
Colour photo of a newspaper article titled Un p’tit rigolo au secours du Canadien! Next to the article, a photo of a man skating on a rink with a hockey stick and wearing black pants, a white sweater, a blue helmet and gloves.
Colour photo of a man in evening attire.
Black-and-white front-view photo of a hockey player, with his equipment, skating in the official Montréal Canadians uniform.
Colour photo showing two hockey players on an ice rink, waiting for the puck to drop. Behind them are five people on a carpet: a child, a man in a referee uniform, two RCMP officers and their mascot.
Colour photo showing a skating rink with dozens of hockey players in their uniforms. A young girl is skating in front of the boys. Spectators can be seen in the stands in the background.
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