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Welcome to the gallery of the virtual exhibition Abitibi-Témiscamingue : A Nature that Gives Life. Click on an item to view the enlarged image with description or to play the soundtrack or video.
Black and white photograph of two men and a teddy bear climbing a pole.
Photograph of artist Virginia Pésémapeo Bordeleau at work.
View of a landscape and a rural road in spring during the snow melt. Children riding their bikes.
Silk-screened winter scene in a dominant pastel pink tone with two gaunt trees in a field bordered by a spruce forest.
Colour photograph taken at dusk of a view of a lake with islands and floating pieces of wood.
Colour photograph of a green field with in the background the roof of a building in sheet metal with multicolored parts.
Artifacts of various sizes in stone and metal arranged on a black background.
Three pieces of curved metal with an eyelet and a point.
A point of carved stone of yellowish tint.
A spear-shaped instrument with a line attached.
Color photograph of the structure of a building lying in the forest.
Photograph of a woman, man and child picking up hay on a cart pulled by two horses.
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