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Living on the Land

…our territory, we inhabit and create it everyday and with every action.

– Francine Plante Pokio

An engaging and multidisciplinary artist, originating from Ville-Marie.
The correspondence was exchanged in 2018.

Interview with François Boisclair and Catherine Jutras

View of a newly built, two-story house surrounded by trees.

The Boisclairs et Jutras House in 2018.

François Boisclair and Catherine Jutras personally built their ideal home in Abitibi, a life project that became a reflection on how to inhabit an area and cohabit-ate with nature. Proving that nature can be nurturing while also being a source of recreation, inspiration and of motivation! In this video they explain that they do not want to be in an eternal battle against the elements, but instead want to adapt their way of life as much as possible according to the territory that they reside.

Click here to view the video with an English transcript.

View from the roof of a house in a rural area. Two people are working on the installation of the roof. Large trees and a river in the back.

The Boisclair et Jutras house getting built in 2018.

Interview with Amélie Marcotte, Owner and Operator of TAM

Photograph of a prospector's tent in the forest during the winter. Equipment is lying in front of the tent.

A “prospector” tent, typical of TAM production.

TAM is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of tents and tepees. When she was young, Amélie Marcotte would draw her designs and produce clothing sewn by hand as well as with a sewing machine. With a thirst for knowledge and new experiences, she began to travel the region by canoe in the summer, and by snowshoe in the winter. These journeys shaped her into the person and artist she is today. She then began to fabricate her own tents, which lead her to launch her business TAM in La Motte. In this video, she explains what distinguishes the region and what gives her the desire to stay.

Click here to view the video with and English transcript.

Photograph of a female musician playing cello during a musical performance.

Marie-Hélène Massy Emond

Interview with Marie-Hélène Massy Emond, Singer-Songwriter-Composer

Marie-Hélène Massy Emond is in a cycle of creation focused around the feminine in a resource region. She addresses issues of mobility, grief and dis-empowerment. She is interested in songs, the creation and recording of sounds and of the visual arts. She questions what it means to live in the region: what makes it so beautiful and yet so harsh.

Click here to view the video with an English transcript.

Distant view of a rural village from a country lane, in autumn, at the end of the day. We see a dog in the foreground.

View of La Motte village in Abitibi, at night during the fall.