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Welcome to the gallery of the virtual exhibition Abitibi-Témiscamingue : A Nature that Gives Life. Click on an item to view the enlarged image with description or to play the soundtrack or video.
Coloured picture of a car with a moose head fixed at the top during a parade around the city. A man behind the wheel looking at the photographer.
Coloured picture of two men fishing on a dock in front of a lake.
Black and white picture of women on a fishing trip, fishing rods in hand, some on a dock and some on a canoe.
Picture of a hunting knife and its leather case.
Picture of a bear trap made of steel and attached to a chain.
Printed card with handmade drawings : animals, tourist attractions as coloured icons.
Advertisement in a digital newspaper with three pictures showing hunting and fishing.
Black and white picture of 4 women cross-country skiing during winter in the forest.
Black and white picture of a man in a parka, snowshoes in hand, outside during the winter.
Black and white picture of a young girl in the woods with a basket filled with blueberries.
Black and white picture of a man on a sled pulled by dogs on a commercial street in the city during winter.
Outside view during winter. At the centre, on a snowy runway, a man in a bib with a number, on a dogsled team. People watching the race on the runway edge.