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Drilling operations in the south district of Malartic in 2005.
Osisko Mine founders- informal portrait of three men
View of the main street of Malartic in the years 1980 to 1990
Nautical activities at the Lac Mourier outdoor facility
Curling ice at the curling facility of Malartic
Picture of the campground pool in Malartic, c. 1970
City Hall of Malartic and Coca-Cola bottling plant in 1952
Funeral procession in the aftermath of the East Malartic mine tragedy in 1947
Edition of the weekly newspaper La Gazette du Nord announcing the tragedy that occurred at the East Malartic mine on April 24, 1947.
Moving houses with tractor from Roc d'Or to Malartic in 1943
One of the Roc-d'Or building moved to Malartic using tractors
Main street of Roc-d'Or in early 1940
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