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Project Management: Sarah Ryan (Project Commencement), Elsa Simms (Project Continuation), Timothy Elliott (Project Continuation), Megan Webb (Project Completion)

Writer: Timothy Elliott

Research: Emma Luke, Timothy Elliott

Translation: Lucie Leblanc, Cecilia Bungay

Revisions: Megan Webb

Editing: Sandy Newton

Web Integration: Timothy Elliott, Megan Webb


Interviewers: Emma Luke


  • Peter Bull
  • Paul W. Collins and Ryan Collins
  • Joe Craig
  • Donna Hardy-Cox
  • Chris Hardy
  • Members of the Hardy family
  • Jim Jones

Assistance with Research:

  • Robert Brown
  • Peter Bull and the Battle Harbour Historic Trust
  • Paul W. Collins and Ryan Collins
  • Joe Craig and the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland
  • Colleen Field and the Centre for Newfoundland Studies
  • Gerald FitzGerald
  • The Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Joan Simmonds
  • Colette Wells-Coish

This online project was developed with the support of the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.