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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to La Butte à Mathieu: A place of hope, songs and dreams. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Color photo of Gilles Mathieu in front of a reproduction of a mezzanine of La Butte during the 2021 exhibition in Val-David.
Black and white photo of the Jérolas. Jérôme Lemay on guitar is listened to by Jean Lapointe.
Color poster of the programming of the 15th season of La Butte for the summer of 1974. It announces: La revue Tharèse de Raymond Lévesque, Les Jérolas, Julie Arel, Emmanuelle, Gilles Valiquette, Melody Stewart and Claude Léveillée.
Black and white photo of Hôtel La Sapinière in the snow in the winter of 1936-1937. In front of the log building is a sled with two people and three sled dogs.
Colour photo of two young musicians on the stage of La Butte, one standing with a guitar, the other sitting behind the drums. Spectators sitting at tables in the room are listening to them and watching.
Black and white photo of buskers at La Butte. A group of children surrounds a clown, a fiddler and Gilles Mathieu.
Félix Leclerc album cover recorded at La Butte. An exterior image of La Butte serves as a background in front of a photo of Félix Leclerc holding a cigarette.
Black and white photo of about 100 spectators attending an outdoor performance at La Butte. At the top of the picture, the feet of people sitting on part of the roof of La Butte can be seen.
Black and white photo of an old delivery truck from the 1930s with signs on it indicating the way to La Butte.
Black and white photo of two men and a woman playing chess on a table at La Butte surrounded by several other people.
One of the two mezzanines at La Butte with low tables covered in checkered tablecloths, each with their candle stuck in a Chianti bottle and cushions on the floor.
Black and white photo of the Butte antique store. Gilles Mathieu is seated and holds an old rifle. A grandfather clock predominates in front of shelves on which are presented antiques.
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