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Discovering and opening up to the world

From the very beginning, the Butte à Mathieu was a place where all musical and artistic trends were welcomed. In September 1960, the first jazz festival in Québec was organized in collaboration with the Montreal Jazz Society.

Black and white photo of buskers at La Butte. A group of children surrounds a clown, a fiddler and Gilles Mathieu.

Music and activities for all ages!


In 1962, the Mexican music of Los Tres Compadres became popular with the public of the Butte, who were fond of novelties and cultural exchanges.

That year, as a prelude to the Granby Festival, the “Galas de la relève” offered young artists an opportunity to make their stage debut. In 1963, Gilles Mathieu bought and set up a new building at the bottom of the Butte. It would be dedicated to music and song throughout the summer.

“People had the choice of going to see a Raymond Lévesque revue or a show by a singer-songwriter. Most of the time, they went to see both.”

Colour photo of two young musicians on the stage of La Butte, one standing with a guitar, the other sitting behind the drums. Spectators sitting at tables in the room are listening to them and watching.

Competition for new talents on the Butte stage