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Giants of Lindsay: William and J. D. Flavelle

It is worth highlighting the business and civic achievements of William (1853-1943) and John Dundas (J. D.) Flavelle (1850-1925), who together helped develop the Town of Lindsay and Victoria County in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Both William and J. D. knew that there was no infallible way towards success and that one must create energy and a determination to overcome any obstacles that besieges life’s path. This sentiment was used to establish and expand their many businesses which included a milling company, dry goods department store, and a cold storage and creamery.

William and J. D. contributed much more to Lindsay than their business acumen. They believed that in order for Lindsay to develop they must make a selfless decision to take up civic roles that would be to the betterment of their neighbours. Their involvement was not exclusively executive roles as they also helped create and foster community pride through sports and community gatherings.

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Giants of Lindsay: William & J.D. Flavelle
Kawartha Lakes Museum & Archive
50 Victoria Ave., N.
Lindsay, ON
K9V4G3, Canada