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Remarkable Sounds: Ulric Lacombe

Ulric Lacombe began playing the accordion out of sheer pleasure. All through his childhood, he listened to his mother play the accordion and harmonica. But it was not until he reached his teens that he tried his own hand at music. Self-taught, he painstakingly matched the notes on his accordion to the tunes he heard on the radio.

It must have taken thousands of tries to get things right! But he never gave up. Lacombe played his instrument of choice for more than half a century. Known for his skillful and dynamic performances, he always managed to energize the audience. This video showcases the extent of his talent:

Watch the video with description (EN).

Ulric Lacombe, 1996

Lacombe was so captivated by accordions that he wanted to know all the instrument’s secrets! He started taking them apart and building new ones. It was all “just for fun,” he would say. Listen as he describes discovering his passion for accordion making:

Listen to the interview (FR) with transcript (EN).