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Even More Crowd-Pleasing Bands!

Orchestre Gendron

For the Gendron clan, music was a family affair. Almost everyone played an instrument, with Roger Gendron learning to play the accordion from his mother. Other members of the family went on to study music at university, with some becoming music professors. Roger founded two bands that often performed in the region. He played in Bas de la Paroisse with his brothers and friends, and in the Orchestre Gendron with his sons. Listen as Bruno Gendron talks about his father:

Interview with Bruno Gendron. Subtitles available (EN and FR). Watch the video with transcript.

The Troubadours Jocistes/Orchestre Montminy

Black and white photograph of the Orchestre Montminy. Front row, left to right: Gérard Nicole, Gérard Montminy, Patrice Gaudreau, Maurice Gaudreau and Joseph Montminy. Second row, left to right: Conrad Belley, Ulric Côté, Réal Montminy and Camille Nicole. The musicians are all wearing cowboy hats and neckerchiefs. They are posing in front of a false backdrop.

The Troubadours Jocistes

In 1937, the Young Christian Workers movement established itself in Montmagny. Joseph Montminy served as the local branch’s first president. In his role as chaplain, Father Henri Giguère suggested creating a band to play at local parties: The Troubadours Jocistes. The Orchestre Montminy grew out of this earlier band, achieving significant popularity in the region during the 1950s and 1960s.

Black and white photograph of the Orchestre Montminy. The band consisted of Réal Montminy (fiddle), Joseph Montminy (accordion), Gérard Montminy (banjo) and their little brother Bertrand (mandolin). All the musicians are dressed up in suits and ties.

The Orchestre Montminy, c. 1940