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Crowd-Pleasing Bands

For decades, various bands and amateur groups kept thousands of Montmagny residents entertained. Local bands would play up to five times every weekend, year-round! Think of all the people who have danced to the sound of the accordion over the years—at weddings, dance parties, galas, sugaring-off parties and seniors club activities!

Orchestre Vézina

This band consisted of François Vézina (caller and tambourine), Henriette Messervier (guitar), Joseph Messervier (accordion), Alain Vézina (organ) and Sylvain Vézina (drums). Réjean Vézina and Monia Bernier regularly accompanied them on the drums. A popular choice for dance parties and galas, the Orchestre Vézina performed regularly from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Orchestre des Frères Lizotte

Black and white photograph of the Orchestre des Frères Lizotte. From left to right, all wearing jackets and ties: Jean-Paul Lizotte, Jean-Léon Pelletier, Maurice Lizotte and Réjean Lizotte. Some band members are sitting and others are standing in front of a curtain.

Orchestre des Frères Lizotte. Left to right: Jean-Paul Lizotte, Jean-Léon Pelletier, Maurice Lizotte and Réjean Lizotte, c. 1970

Accordionist Réjean Lizotte founded the Orchestre Frères Lizotte in 1959. At the time, the band also featured his brothers Maurice (guitar) and Jean-Paul (fiddle), as well as Jean-Léon Pelletier (drums).

By the time they finally called it quits in 1988, many other musicians had played with the band, including Réjean’s children: Marc-André and Marie-Claude Lizotte.The Orchestre des Frères Lizotte also toured different regions of Quebec, including the Charlevoix, the Beauce, and the south shore of the St. Lawrence between Lévis and Matane. For many years the band was a fixture at the Festival du Père Zim in Sainte-Louise.