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Fire Trucks

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a firefighter just to get the chance to drive a fire truck? In Saint-Eustache, there are eight fire trucks. When and where will you see them in your neighbourhood, on the road or next to the river?

Photograph of a red and white fire truck parked in front of a group of leafy trees.

City of Saint-Eustache fire engine number 208

When the firefighters get a call for a fire, the 208 and the 708 immediately spring into action. In each truck, there is a team of three firefighters and a lieutenant. As soon as they arrive on the scene, the 208 is positioned near a fire hydrant, which provides the water supply. The driver sits in front of the control panel and fills the fire hoses for his colleagues on the ground. Teamwork is crucial!

Photograph of a red and white fire truck in front of a row of townhouses on fire. The aerial ladder is pointed toward the location of the fire.

City of Saint-Eustache aerial ladder truck number 708


The 708 goes very close to the fire and prepares to deploy the main ladder, which is one hundred feet tall and weighs eighty thousand pounds. And in situations where firefighters can’t use the main ladder, they always have portable ladders of all sizes available.

If there is an alarm for a traffic accident, the 508 is taken out. When you hear in the news about the rescue of someone  trapped inside their vehicle, the 508 is the truck involved in that operation. It’s also used for water and ice rescues, which are specialties of the City of Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department.

Photograph of a red convertible fire truck raising its aerial ladder in front of a white 19th-century mansion.

Convertible aerial ladder truck, 1954 Seagrave


Fire trucks have changed a lot over the years. Pierre Rochon, a Saint-Eustache lieutenant firefighter, says that when he started in 1987, some fire trucks were convertibles. In both summer and winter!

The Seagrave 221 (subtitles available in FR and EN) – Watch the video with the transcript (EN).